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Rhonda Roland Shearer, Director; Deputy Assistant Chief - Ronald R. Spadafora, FDNY; Nick Carcich, Construction; Captain - Mike Banker, FDNY; Peter L. Gorman, President of Uniform Fire Officers Association; John Dunne, Captains Representative Uniform Fire Officers Association; Bobbie Gray, Locals 14 and 15 (Operating Engineers) et al. See link for full list of committee.

Our Research and Fact Checking:

I. INTRODUCTION: Click Here to Read Research Project Methods

II. Langewiesche's WTC Looting Charges: Fact-Checked

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Ladder 4 members' innocence.

III. Plagiarism in American Ground: Langewiesche fails to cite Wall Street Journal and
LA Times journalists' exclusive interviews...

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Langewiesche's plagiarism confirmed by top US expert.
  Dr.Carole E.Chaski, Ph.D.'s credentials
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Sept. 2002 - Response to American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center. Article by William Langewiesche published in three parts in the Atlantic Monthly magazine. Factual corrections to Part 1;“The Inner World,” August 2002; Part 2, “The Rush To Recover,” September 2002; and Part 3, “The Dance of the Dinosaurs,” October 2002.

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Quotes with factual errors (underlining of text not original)
Corrected facts

Part 2   > Read
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Quotes with factual errors (underlining of text not original)
Corrected facts

Part 3   > Read
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Quotes with factual errors (underlining of text not original)
Corrected facts

Quid pro quo?
The DDC gave him special access; DDC Ken Holden and Michael Burton later became the heroes in his book. More soon....
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11/18/02  South St. Seaport Museum.
When confronted, Langewiesche denies he called firefighters thieves....
... and yet, Langewiesche writes:
"The looting was shadowy, widespread and unsurprising. The Trade Center was known to have been hit before by errant policemen and firemen, after the terrorist bombing of 1993. This time the thievery was less intense but longer-lived. It involved small numbers of construction workers and men from the same uniformed groups as before...." see American Ground pp 158-161

Countries around the world need an international forum for knowledge exchange. No organization now exists where, say Japan, can find out about Haz Mat capacities in France, England, Germany, the US or Egypt.

WTC Living History Project Group(WTC LHPG) begins the International Civil Protection Project with Arab Republic of Egypt: Ministry of Interior. Photo shows FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Spadafora with Cairo's Fire Department members Oct 27.2002.

FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora (shown here in middle) served at Ground Zero from September 11, 2001-June 24, 2002, as FDNY Site Safety Chief, and as FDNY Incident Commander.

See design for our new website for The International Civil Protection Project. The first issue of our forthcoming online magazine features train disasters -- rescue, recovery, hazardous materials, and fire prevention. French, American and Egyptian experts will compare experiences and discuss training, equipment and operations.

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