Introduction to Concept

Scholars have weighed the position of the WTC attack in American History as only rivaled by Civil War Gettysburg in importance and scale of losses. Imagine if Civil War generals and lieutenants, from both North and South, got together after the war, reviewed and documented the facts and then jointly told the story. Would not this historical account be closer to the “truth” than any told by minor players, journalists, hangers-on or political figure-heads? Among the various versions of facts, which perspective would civil war buffs later choose as the most accurate? We live now, as we did then, in world of competing ideas where histories are lived by some but written by others whose voices become the authorities. Art Science Research Laboratory’s proposed WTC Living History Project gives the key players who actually ran Ground Zero a unique opportunity to participate in creating a new approach to documenting history and to have their own views heard. Four projects encompass our main focus;