The WTC Living History Project

Scholars have weighed the position of the WTC attack in American History as only rivaled by Civil War Gettysburg in importance and scale of losses. Imagine if Civil War generals and lieutenants, from both North and South, got together after the war, reviewed and documented the facts and then jointly told the story...

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  • 1.Book

    ALL GAVE SOME; SOME GAVE ALL: WTC Unwrapped By The People Who Actually Ran Ground Zero (Kay McCauley, Pimlico Agency)

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  • 2. Speakers Bureau

    The WTC Living History Project Speakers Bureau (Lavin Agency)

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  • 3. Documentation Online

    The WTC Living History Project Portal: Interactive Documentation Online Time elapsed maps, videos, audio recordings, photographs, 3-D models..

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4. The WTC Living History Project Portal: Online Courses

Both the above online portal and online courses will be featured parts of a larger global internet knowledge bank, the Alexandria Library Scholars Cooperative. Police, fire and construction personnel, join authors and professors in sharing their important "intellectual properties" to the developed and developing world in one seamless "Scholars Academy." The online courses we develop will apply our valuable knowledge and critiques of the WTC history and events over the past 9 months within various work categories including safety, logistics, rescue and recovery, construction, etc.
Other courses developed, such as fire prevention, canine, motorcycle law enforcement, Haz-Mat, will further tap individuals abilities and talents and help us transition from our single focus on WTC experiences and allow for growth where Ground Zero topics exist as only one among many others.

Executive Committee

  • Director: Rhonda R. Shearer (Art Science Research Laboratory)
  • Executive Chairman: Ronald R. Spadafora FDNY
    • FDNY: D.A.C. Ronald R. Spadafora (Site Safety Officer)
    • B.C. Steve Rasweiler (SOC)
    • Capt. Mike Banker (SOC)
    • F.F. Sam Melisi (SOC)
    • NYPD/ESU:Lt. John Moran (Nite Tour Commander)
    • Lt. John McArdle (Day Tour Commander)
  • Construction: Nick Carcich (Superintendent)
  • Engineering: Bobbie Gray (operating)
  • Iron Workers: Danny Doyle
  • Supply/Logistics: London Shearer Allen
    • Family Members of Victims: Capt. Bill Butler (retired FDNY)
    • Marrianne Fontana
    • F.F. Lee Ielpi (retired FDNY)

Documentation Committee

    • FDNY: B.C. Ron Werner
    • F.F. Eddie Cutting
  • PAPD : Sgt. Richard Ruiz
  • NYPD/ESU : P.O. Tom Sullivan
    • Engineering: Michael Fossati (Operating)
    • Jack Mirto (Operating)
    • Iron Workers:Frank Bergamin
    • Larry Keating
  • Ground Zero Volunteer: Suzanne Ryan
    • FDNY Unions: John Dunne UFOA
    • Joseph Miccio UFA